Onclick Format
It's a form of advertisement that "pops under" the user's active window, displaying the ad without causing immediate interruption to the user's activity. Upon closing their active window, users find the ad and can interact with it.

What is the Onclick (Popunder) Ad Format?

The Onclick ad format works by opening a new browser window behind the current browser window. Once a user closes or minimizes their active browser window, they will see the Onclick advertisement. This approach is less intrusive than traditional pop-up ads, which disrupt users by appearing in front of the content they are currently viewing.

Onclick ads can be fully customizable and can accommodate a wide range of content, from promotional messages to comprehensive websites. These ads often carry high-quality content, encouraging users to engage, leading to higher conversion rates.

Suitable Verticals for Onclick (Popunder) Ad Format
Entertainment and Media

The entertainment industry can use Onclick ads to promote new movies, shows, music, or events.

Financial Services

These sectors can use Onclick ads to advertise their services, from loans to investment opportunities.


Online stores can use Onclick ads to promote sales, highlight specific products, or direct users to their websites.

Software and Tech

Tech companies can use Onclick ads to announce product releases, updates, or offer trial versions of their software.

Online Gaming and Apps

These industries often use Onclick ads to showcase new games or promotions. As these industries thrive on user engagement, the interactive nature of Onclick ads makes them an excellent choice.

Benefits of Onclick (Popunder) Ad Format


Unlike pop-up ads, Onclick ads do not interrupt the user's activity, providing a more user-friendly experience.

Better Conversion Rates

As Onclick ads are less intrusive and more engaging, they tend to have better conversion rates than other ad formats.

High Engagement

As Onclick ads are viewed when users are done with their active window, it is more likely to get their full attention, resulting in high engagement rates.

Versatile and Flexible

Onclick ads can accommodate a wide variety of content and are suitable for almost every vertical, making them a versatile choice for advertisers.

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