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Top Verticals for Popunder Advertising: Maximizing Campaign Success

Popunder advertising is a popular ad format that opens a new browser window under the current active window, ensuring that the user's browsing experience isn't interrupted. However, not all verticals perform equally well with popunders. The key to success lies in matching the right ad format with the right vertical. Let's explore some of the best verticals for popunder advertising to help you achieve campaign success.


Gaming is a dominant vertical for popunder advertising, mainly due to the immersive nature of gaming content that synergizes well with popunder's non-intrusive format. Popunders can promote new game releases, updates, or special offers that gamers might find appealing, leading to high conversion rates.


Popunders can be effective in promoting dating sites and apps. The ads can highlight unique features, success stories, or special promotions of a dating service, capturing users' interest without disturbing their browsing activities.


Popunder ads are ideal for promoting e-commerce platforms, sales events, and special discounts. The non-intrusive nature of popunders allows users to continue browsing and return to the ad when they are ready to shop, increasing the chances of conversion.

Software & Apps

Promoting software and apps, especially those offering free trials or freemium versions, works well with popunders. The user can choose to explore the software or app at their convenience, leading to better engagement and higher conversion rates.

Streaming Services

With the boom in online entertainment, streaming services are an excellent vertical for popunder ads. These ads can showcase new releases, exclusive content, or subscription offers that users can check out after they've finished their current activity.

Adult Content

While it may be controversial, adult content is a high-performing vertical in popunder advertising due to its private and personal consumption nature. Popunders can effectively advertise adult websites, products, or services without causing immediate distraction to users.

Finance & Cryptocurrency

The finance sector, including cryptocurrency, has seen success with popunder ads. The ads can introduce new financial products, investment opportunities, or cryptocurrency exchanges that users can consider at their leisure.


While these verticals typically perform well with popunders, success largely depends on understanding your target audience and delivering relevant, appealing content. Good popunder ads should offer value to users and pique their curiosity to explore further.

Moreover, even within successful verticals, A/B testing is critical to refine ad performance. Experiment with different headlines, images, and calls to action to see what resonates most with your audience.

To conclude, while popunder advertising can be effective across many verticals, gaming, dating, e-commerce, software & apps, streaming services, adult content, and finance & cryptocurrency emerge as top performers. By aligning your campaigns with these verticals and continuously optimizing your ads, you can fully harness the power of popunder advertising.

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