Domain Guidelines

Domain Guidelines 

First of all you have to register on Advertus and verify your email. Then you can add your first domain in the membership area.

In Domain form you have to fill all fields. Let me explain every field's meaning. 

URL: domain of your website. It doesn’t matter fill it with https|http|www or without. Please use real URL because each website passes human moderation. 

Category: what your site is about, set others if you are not sure. This field might be changed by the moderation team. 

Allowed advertisement: we have settings to disable some advertisements that might be not suitable for your website. Please remember that setting all of ads types significant increases you revenue. 

All domains pass the manual moderation process. Usually it takes about 20 minutes in working hours. Please note that contacting us can’t speed up the moderation process. You will get a mail notification after moderation, then the “Get codes” button appears.

The ad code must be inserted in your website's body (anywhere between <body> and </body> tags) in order to work properly.


The ad code will generate one popunder during a 24h time frame. If you want to test it and see it once in the last 24h then you need to clear your cookies or use browser's Incognito feature in order to see another popunder ad.

Please insert the javascript only on the registered domain otherwise your impressions will not be counted.